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These are a few testimonials Raven has recieved. If you'd like to see more please Click Here

Thank you Raven Duclos.. Every reading I have with u I leave in happiness. U are so spot on it is mind blowing. Between those who come thru and what's going on in my life.. Health, money, future, etc u are beyond dead on.. Even with my CAT!! I always have done last min readings and ur available and it's worth every dime. I may shed tears during a session but that's Bc I needed to hear from those or u.. Thank u again!!! Oxoxoxo
Tiffany R.
Londonderry, NH
(In Office Reading)

One word to describe Raven? Amazing! I've had a few reading with her and am always amazed at her "gift". Most amazing has been the "physic parties" that different friends have had and the reactions of the people who are receiving readings for the very first time. The looks of wonder, happiness (sometimes tears of happiness and/or relief). I continue to recommend her to friends and continue to hear the awe in a person's voice after that "first reading". Truly, truly a gifted women with a kind heart and soul.

Hillsborough NH
(In Office Reading)

I had a tarot reading done yesterday. I would not have considered myself a "believer" but I was open-minded. I am very impressed with Raven's abilities and how on target she was with many things in my life. A few things she told me were very specific and accurate - I am amazed. I will definitely recommend her to family and friends.

(In Office Reading)

I had a party and was lucky enough to have Raven come and do Readings/Medium Sessions for everyone. Everyone was delighted with her abilities and would call her again. I cannot say enough good things about her. She is beyond talented and really truly is gifted. After meeting with her, anyone that is skeptic will not longer be.
Thank You Raven!!!

Donna S.
Nashua, NH
(Home Party)

Thank you so much!!!! You said beautiful things about Lexi and me. I loved her heart and soul!!! My best friend. Lexi is/was/is a tabby cat :) You have helped me with my pain. Lexi is not gone from me. I feel her everywhere in my home. What an adorable friend in her!!!
I look forward to meeting you!!!

Jodi Maine
(Internet Reading)

I met with Raven a couple of times and loved the spirit and the things we talked about. As a result I moved into a new career and I have since married. She told me she saw someone with an "A" around me. I have since found out it was my new husband's father Albert who had recently died at the time. It all made sense when I started dating my husband. Thank you for the encouragement.

Litchfield, NH
(In Office Reading

We had a reading done in July. Raven was awsome. Many family members and friends came through. Raven's discriptions of them and what they had to say left no doubt as to who they were. Thanks so much. What a good feeling to know they are around and part of our lives.

Karen K.
(In Office Reading

I've had readings from several people in my life so far,and you are the best! I still get goosebumps thinking about all you told me.Thank You!You so rock

Kaci D
Hendersonville, Tn

You did a reading in July at your office with my mother, my sister and myself. We just wanted to thank you for the incredible experience. Not only did you connect us with loved ones with undeniable detail, you validated what we all had hoped was true, that love really does transcend death and that there is something more for us all after this life. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Manchester, NH
(In Office Medium Reading)

I didn't think anyone could measure up to John Edwards, but Raven is just as good as he is. She blew me away. I felt an uncanny peace when I left.

Manchester, NH
(In Office Medium Reading)

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I want to say how much peace I derived from my medium session with Raven. he was able to answer questions that anguished me of my husband's untimely passing. I needed to know he was all right. The information given to me proved beyond all doubt that Raven truly has a gift. Her calm and comforting demeanor also helped to ease my pain.

Goffstown, NH
(Party Medium Reading)

Thank You Raven... You helped me with the death of a friend. I was scared I would never know what really happened. I thank you very much.

(Online Reading

What can I say I went as a scepticle and left a believer. The things she said were unbelievable. She knew way more than any stranger would know. Raven thank you for the reading and the message for my mom. Can't wait to see you again.

Sheila Manchester NH
(In Office Reading

Hi Raven,
Just another affirmation for you Raven. During my Halloween gathering you predicted that my assistant Wanda, would be pregnant within a short amount of time....Her little Leo baby is due in August. Just thought you would like to know. :)

Ruthanne O.
Manchester, NH
(Party Medium Reading)

Raven was amazing! I have always believed that some people have a psychic ability and it was proven true when I met with Raven. From the moment I sat down until I left, she told me things about my friend that nobody could have known without having met her. She knew the color and length of her hair up to her mother's first name. I now know that my friend is always with me and always has been. Thank you Raven for everything you have done for me. You have really helped me to move on in life.

Nashua, NH
(Medium Reading)

During my reading, Raven told me that my Mom was around me. She had crossed over in August 2002, and I missed her terribly. Raven then told me that my Mother was with Dotty on the other side, and that they were very good friends from a long time ago. I told her my mother did not know a Dotty. She laughed and said "Your Mother said you SHOULD know Dotty". I insisted that I had no recollection of that name. After hanging up, I called my daughter to tell her of the reading. She laughed at me and said, "Mum, dont you remember...Dotty M. who was Grams BEST friend...she died in Gram's arms!" I could have fallen over! I had blocked it out completely. Psychic amnesia! Raven gave me such peace with this news. I was sure then that my Mom was with me still.

Dawn S.
YarmouthPort, MA
(Phone Medium Reading)

Hello Just wanted to thank you again for helping me out with Samuel. We all slept much better after you came to my home. I look forward to having a party soon in my home. I want to also thank you for waking me up in understanding my fears.
Thank you and talk to you soon.

Tina F
Manchester, NH
(Home Party

Raven has brought me peace and comfort knowing that my Husband is in approval of me moving on. She described not only his looks to a T but also his personality and even an inside joke we had was mentioned during my reading she even mentioned the name of my cousin and many other details she had no clue about. The best part is I know it was my husband Josh talking and all I can do is thank Raven for passing his message on to me! I can go forward and finally move on knowing Josh is happy and having "a great time" where he is and he approves of what I am doing.

Amanda G.
Manchester, NH
(In Office Medium Reading)

I've always believed that there were people out there that have psychic abilities, but it proven to me when I met with Raven. She was able to describe my friend all the way down to the length and color of her hair and she called my friend's mother by name! From the moment I sat down I new Raven was for real. There's no way she could have known the things she knew. I can now move ahead in life knowing that I was loved very much by my best friend and that no mtter what she'll forever be with me.
Thanks so much for everything you've given to me Raven.

Rebecca C.
Nashua, NH
(In Office Medium Reading)

(Client asked us to post this)
To all believers and non-believers.
I can say that at the beginning I was a non-believer.
I had multiple people try and read me and all the information I recieved never happened. Well one day around four months ago Raven gave me a reading and it wa hard to believe, but to my amazement eberything she told me happened. She told me what would happen and gave me the months it would happen. She told me that in September I get into trouble and spend a short time in jail. Well four months later in september I got arrested and spent 23 days in jail. She's an amazing woman with real skills. She's well worth the time and money. Take my word for it, if your looking for truth and a real psychic, she's the person you want.

Tom L.
Manchester, NH
(In Office Medium Reading)

I visited you last week and you were so right on it scared me. I asked you if a friend of mine died and you told me that she said she had an old wooden desk for years. HOW WOULD YOU EVER KNOW THAT? WHO HAS OLD WOODEN DESKS ANYMORE. She loved that desk. You told me she passed in Oct. I found out on the net that she passed Oct 24th. YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!

Carole D.
New Hampshire
(Phone Medium Reading)

Raven, my daughter was here last week and you told her about a young girl spirit that was around her. She didn't know so she asked me and I had no clue as to who it was. I asked my mother about it and she knew just who it was. A cousin of mine who died very young. Thats amazing!

Jane G.
Nashua, NH
(In office Medium Reading)

Raven is amazing, I went to see her yesterday and she was right on with the spirits that were around me. I was completely touched and fascinated. I have already started recommending her to all of my friends. It was my first time seeing a psychic, and I was blown away. I always believed, but never tried it. Now I know it's for real, and Raven made me feel so comfortable, I can't wait to see her again. Thank you Raven, you have brought alot of hope to my life.

Jenna L.
(In office Medium Reading)

Hi Raven,
I told my best friend about the reading I had with you. She has had readings done, but says she never got a reading with that kind of quality and accuracy. So now she wants to get a reading from you at some point. She lives down in Fall River and she visits me every once in a while, so I'll have to try to plan it when I know she's coming north again.
The reading you did for me was very powerful. I had always wondered whether my relatives who passed are with me during different moments in my life. It brought such a sense of warmth an tranquility to know that they're around me and that I haven't lost them.
Thanks, Raven!

Alanna B.
Manchester NH
(Psychic Medium Reading)

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