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What kind of spirits could you encounter in your lifetime?

The answer to that question is a few. Many of the spirits the average person will encounter are people just like you. Yes, the've crossed, but they retain thier attitudes, likes and dislikes and mannerisms. They are no different than the average person walking down the street. These spirits are not to be frightened of although, keep in mind that mischevious people often become mischevious spirits and yes some like to freak people out because frankly, it's funny but most of you will hardly know they are there. :)

Phenomena from this type of spirit can range from a voice calling your name to lights flickering to a soft touch. The main thing to remember is they are not there to hurt you or scare you. They are just trying to make themselves known to you.

The next type is the negative or desperate type of spirit. These spirits have a need to communicate and if you are being targeted it could be they see something in you that you dont: psychic or mediumistic ability. These spirits are the ones who usually get confused with poltergeists. They can be active though to a lesser degree and are usually focused on one person rather than a whole household. Even though their actions could affect many people around you.
Both negative and needy spirits tend to make things happen. electrically, things being thrown or in rare cases, people being hurt can result from this type of haunting. Generally it's best to get a practiced medium involved as he or she will be able to communicate with and help or get rid of the spirit at issue. Let me note that in MOST cases these types of spirits are fustrated which is why they are acting out. They try to talk but no one answers and they KNOW that someone in the house can hear them. Unfortunately, we are often unaware of our own abilities and tend to block them out. This is what leads to this situation. Also as a note sometimes just letting them know you've got someone on the way will stop the phenomena from recurring.

The third type is the highly negative spirit. Chances of running into this type, unless your ghost hunting, is one in about one hundred cases. These spirits can and will harm people, be vocal as to their intentions and display all types of phenomena. But again, chances are rare that you will encounter this type of spirit unless you deal with odd places, or spirits on a daily or weekly basis. And even then, it's rare. If you have this type of encounter, leave immediately or if it's in your home get a medium or a priest to bless or cleanse the house or business. They know how to deal with this type of spirit and can do so safely.

The last type we'll discuss here is Demonic Spirits. The chance of encountering this type of energy is one in a million. I will not go to far into this as it doesnt need to be dealt with here, but what i will say is if you think you have something of this nature get a priest or a really good demonologist to help you and get as far away as you can. Sometimes this wont help as they will follow,this is why it is important that it be dealt with asap.

Spirits can wonderful to deal with and they can be frightening as well. If you are afraid dont second guess yourself. Seek help immediately from someone in your area who is well known. Chances are it will be minor but you never know and why take the chance. We are all walking this earth going somewhere whether you are a spirit with a physical casing or one without.

Yours in spirit,