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How Soon Is To Soon?

How long should one wait to connect with a loved one who's crossed?

The truth of the matter is that it can take anywhere form a day to months to connect with someone who has crossed. Alot depends on the strength with which the spirit can communicate soon after passing. As a medium, I have had some that would communicate right away and others that just simply couldnt.

I think it depends also on the emotional needs of the spirit to communicate. If one is at peace, told their family all they wanted to before crossing they more apt to take time before coming in to talk. If someone crosses in a way that is emotionally charged they are more likely to want to connect as soon as possible for a variety of reasons.

Just as we are sometimes hesitant on communicating with spirit they are also hesitant, at times, to communicate with us. We as physical have to understand also that a need to communicate is not just ours. Spirits also have the need. Just because they are not in the physical anymore does not mean the don't love, care and want to talk to us. It just means that sometimes it takes time.
Having said that, if you go into a medium session, ANY medium worth their salt will npot charge you if they can't connect with your loved one. If they do, get the hell out of there. I should note there are those times that a spirit, whether lack of ability, or need, does not come through but others will step up and get the info you need. So if you are in a reading dont dismiss this information as the other spirit works as a go-between for you. It's an important job when a spirit cant or wont communicate. Most spirits are gennerally either open to it or eager for it. And I hope, if you go to see a medium, both you and the spirit you are connecting with get the answers and the closure you both need.

Yours in spirit,